7 Formal clothing tips | Formal outfit ideas

Hey readers | In this article I will tell you 7 formal clothing tips that are really important and you should follow.  

I will not just give you tips. But I will show you some formal outfit ideas. That you’re gonna love. And don’t forget that formal outfits are really classy and rich look. So let’s begin

1 Grooming

Start with male grooming; this is the main topic that mostly people ignore. Don’t think wearing a shirt, pants, shoes is good. You should groom yourself. Everyone who sees you first notices your face that you can deny. 

Now i will tell you some products that you should use

  • 1 face wash
  • 2 toner
  • 3 moisturiser for your skin type
  • 4 sunscreen for your skin type

Important. Don’t forget sunscreen even in winter. Use sunscreen 365 days for good skin.

2 Shirts

Most people wear white , light blue , light pink for office wear or formal wear. And try to take a simple plain shirt. But still if you want to wear a pattern Shirt then it should be polka dots, or pin strips like this.

And mostly in office wear you should not wear dark colours. Always wear light shirts with plain or simple patterns like polka, pinstripe.

3 Pants

Everyman should own a black trouser and keep in mind jeans and chinos are not allowed in the office.

You must have a black pants in your wardrobe. And if your budget allows then buy a dark grey also. And if your budget still allows then take a beige colour pants.

4 Shoes

Like I said, you must have a black pants. Similarly, you have black shoes too. And if your budget allows then buy a dark brown shoe. And still you have a budget then take a light brown shoe.

And you really don’t need many shoes. These 3 shoes are really enough. And one more thing you must match your shoes with a belt. That’s why black brown is easily available and easy to match

5 Watch

Now let’s talk about watches. In the office you must wear a leather strap watch. Don’t use colourful straps or spot watches for office wear.

6 Socks

Socks are things which are easily ignored. By the way, you don’t need to do anything special, just try to match your socks with shoes or pants. It’s that simple.

7 Perfume 

This thing you should not ignore. Buy a nice fragrance perfume. But if you don’t have the budget, take a deodorant. Which you can use daily.

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