How to get healthy skin naturally | by these tips

When it comes to fair skin, most people put strange things on their face. Due to which there is a problem of acne, dry skin, pimples on their face. 

So now the question comes to what should be done for a healthy skin.2 real ways to do this: 
  • Skin care routine
  • Diet
These things are necessary for a good skin. So in this article I will tell you A good diet and a good skin care routine.

How to get healthy skin naturally

First of all you have to cut down on junk food, Junk food spoils your skin. And you have to reduce the more oily meal too.

Skin care routine

Face wash

Wash your face as soon as you wake up in the morning and before going to sleep at night. And try to have some vitamin C face wash Try this 

Apply toner

If you use toner after face wash. Take a few drops and put it in your palm or on any cotton. then gently swipe. I would advise to use it once a day, that too before sleeping at night, but you can use it 2 times. But do not apply 2-3 products at once.

Face Moisturizer

You have to apply moisturizer after face wash. Moisturizer brings glow to your face.But you should take moisturizer according to your face type: If you don’t know you have typed your face. So you use this vitamin C moisturizer try this Because it is suitable for all skin types.

Apply face oil

You can use face oil but you have to keep one thing in mind. You should apply it later than other skin care products. When there is no product on the face.

Apply sunscreen

One thing to keep in mind, always apply sunscreen before going out. Hearing protection is the most important. Sunscreen protects you from UV rays Which is much more harmful: for the skin. That’s why you have to apply sunscreen 20 minutes before going out. 
This is all about skin care now talk about a good diet that you should follow


How to get healthy  skin naturally | by these tips

Stay hydrated

Water is very important for our body. And also for the skin as well So you should drink 1 liter of water as soon as you wake up in the morning.And you at least 2-3 liter water in a day. at least your urine is transparent, I know it’s weird, but real

Eat Green vegetable

This is very vegetables salad, You must say these things vegetable and avoid junk food please if you want a healthy skin. eat salad before dinner, 

Eat egg

Egg is the best breakfast. Because it will also give you protein, so that your hair also remains healthy. This means you have a lot of benefits. So include them in your diet too.

Eat fruits

Fruits also play a very important role. Make sure to eat them after meals or in, banana etc

These are all things which I recommend and now talk about which thing you should avoid. Whether it is in diet or skin care 
Things you should avoid
diet please avoid sugar it’s not good for your diet only not for skin if gaining weight or loosing. 
Junk food is also a killing machine of you body, all things made of flour remove it from your diet   

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