The complete Shinola watches review – 6 recommendation

Welcome to our Shinola watches review. an article where you will find a detailed review of Shinola brand watches. also, I will suggest some of our suggestions in review.

History of Shinola

Shinola is a shoe polish brand founded in Rochester, New York. Shinola has come a long way from a shoe polish brand to a Detroit Lifestyle brand.

The Shinola was created by (Tom Kartsotis) in 2011. Now, this is a popular brand in the United States. And now it’s owned by bedrock brand, a texas investment group.

Shinola has established itself as a ‘built-in Detroit’ tag, which has become quite an achievement in Detroit. Looking back on 2007, you would know when the recession hit. Detroit got poorly hit. Most of the manufacturing in Detroit was gutted And the city of Detroit eventually filed for chapter 9 bankruptcy in 2013.

When Shinola came along and they wanted to set up a shop with its manufacturer in Detroit It gave a good image to the shinola brand. Many people are now looking for the Shinola brand while searching for Detroit-made watches.

The first Shinola Detroit Watch was introduced in March 2013. Their first edition was launched in two different sizes with 2500 watches. They put those watches on sale for $550 and they managed to sell their larger 47mm size within a week which is quite impressive. their second limited edition was introduced in October 2013 and also successfully sold

These days Shinola has a huge selection of Signature Series Limited Edition which has proved to be very popular. they also made good use of combining their bicycles and other products that they have grown to offer. and if you want more learn about Shinola’s history then you can read on Wikipedia

Is Shinola good

These Shinola Watches Are Really Good? Shinola brand Watches are assembled in the United States in the city of Detroit. Every Shinola worker undergoes Ronda AG trade training. Shinola watches are made with high-quality components that are assembled in Detroit.

So I can say Shinola watches are really good. the watch is built with high-quality components. now I am adding 6 Shinola watches review that will help you to take a decision.

6 Shinola watches for men

I have featured 6 popular Shinola watches review and if you want a luxuxy watch then this is for you. I included some watches which give value for money. now let’s check those watches.

1. Shinola The Runwell

The Runwell is Shinola’s one of the flagships watch. also, it’s the most popular watch collection out there. This watch dial is made with sapphire crystal and if you don’t know about this. this is the expansive type of glass also this is incredibly hard. so this means the sapphire glass is best for the watch dials.

the watch case is made with stainless steel which is also a good material for a watch. case diameter 47mm, case thickness 10.9mm. and the band is made of leather but they did not mention which type of leather is this. band width 24mm.

this watch runs on a quartz movements system. and also you got a calendar window at 3’o clock. so this watch Is best it has mostly premium components so you buy this but we have more options below. that was the first in our shinola watches review.

2. The Runwell 41mm

shinola watches review

this is Shinola’s 41mm edition and this also comes with amazing features and quality. this watch has a green beautiful dial with sapphire crystal protection. the case is large 47mm and made with stainless steel. leather is also top-notch band width is 24mm made with latigo leather with a tang clasp.

still, this watch has some more features like this being 50 meters/156 feet water resistant so worry about little water splashes. But this watch does not have a date window, instead, it has a seconds dial which is at 6’0 clock. it was 2nd on our shinola watches review


shinola watches review

The canfield watch from Shinola is expensive nearly $700 -$1000. This watch case is also made with stainless steel with a diameter of 43mm and a case thickness of 13mm.

Now let’s talk about the dial, this watch runs Argonite 5021 quartz movement. With 2 sub-dials one for 60 seconds and another one for 30 minutes. Also a calendar window. With the best sapphire crystal glass for scratches.

Now let’s see other features like dark cognac aniline latigo leather used in a strap with tang clasp. And this is 50-meter water resistant. This will be a good watch but at the same time, it’s a little expensive. that was third on the shinola watches review


shinola watches review

This is also a Runwell watch but this has a rose gold case that looks too beautiful with the same sapphire crystal glass which runs on quartz movement. But at the same time, this is most expensive than any watch I have mentioned.

This also has a 48mm case, and a 14mm case thickness. But this watch is 100meter water resistant which is a plus point.

The case is made with gunmetal PVD stainless steel and a band too. It has only a water resistance difference but the price is too high. If you don’t need it or you don’t care about this you can go with a cheaper version. That will make more sense. that was fourth in our shinola watches review


shinola watches review

In this Shinola watches review, this is our 5th Shinola watch in the detrola family. and this is a little interesting like this watch 40mm case made with recycled ocean plastic, and the strap made with tide ocean material. which is a good thing. and at the same time, this watch is a little interesting because it has a colorful dial with a black frame and strap. but the dial feels a little small than others if you like that design, you can go for it.

If this is a dive watch, then it is also necessary to be water resistant, so it is also 100 meters water resistant. if you need more you can check out our 6th watch which is amazing.


shinola watches review

this is our 6th watch in Shinola watches review. this is part of the dive watch and if you are still confused, what is a dive watch? you can read this.

now I assumed you know about dive watches so let’s talk about this. shinola made this duck for surfing. that’s why this has 200m water resistant so you can use it however you want. that does not mean you can’t use it on dry land for daily wear. it has mostly all premium components like stainless steel case with a screw-down crown. extra thick sapphire crystal glass.


shinola made good watches but some watches are overpriced. but at the same time, some will give you good quality at a good price. this is one of the reasons to make shinola watches review. that’s why we featured some good watches like duck and sea creature that you can buy. so this is our Shinola watches review and some of our recommendations

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