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 When it omes to wedding outfits, the first thing that comes to mind is which shoes to wear? Should I wear normal shoes or formal shoes?

Ad sure you must have thought about it too, Most of you guys wear suits at the wedding, Or other formal look right? And sneakers will not look good with a formal look. So you should invest in sure formal shoes which you can wear apart from marriage.

so what shoes are those 

1. Faux Leather Formal Oxford Shoes

Let’s start with this first. If you also want some simple formal shoes, then take it because you will love their premium look. But if you do not like it, then we have a new option for you. and if you think its good so here are more Formal shoesexample like this  

2. Men Black Oxford Brogue

These are brogue shoes and they are quite formal, you can wear them in weddings too. Brogues are really good shoes to wear for a wedding

3.Single Monk Strap Shoes

So now let’s talk about my first choice. I really like these shoes. And its most favorite thing is its nature. And I would definitely say that every man should have these shoes. But you have to keep one thing in mind that you have not bought cheap monk starp.. and if you also want to stand out from the crowd then take this.

4. tassel loafers

If you are interested in fashion then you would know about loafers. There are many types of loafers, one of which is tussle loafers which look very classy. If you want a rich look then buy this you will look really classy. , But even with these, the same thing applies that do not take cheap loafers, they will get spoiled soon, keep this thing in mind. And if you want to see more loafers click here

5. Synthetic Leather Formal Shoes

Ok so there is only one reason to put this in the list. Because many people are more interested in simple shoes. So these are great shoes and you can see more formal shoes

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