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14 best beige blazer combinations for a classy men

when it comes to classy outfits beige color is one of them. this beige blazer color is not just for formal you can easily make a casual outfit with it. just follow some tips and change something then you’re good to go. so I will tell you a classy beige blazer outfit.

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blazer commonly used for offices or weddings. but there are many other ways to wear it even casual or formal. we will also talk about winter and summer as well.


first, we will talk about colors. because it’s the most important. if you want safe then you should put a white, navy blue, black shirt or t-shirt. it’s a safe option. but you want to do an experiment then try a different color like dark brown, light blue, etc now I will show you some examples. stay with us.

Shirt, pants combination

we will start with a shirt-pants combination of the beige blazer. even though there are many colors but we will show you some classy color options. you can steal a whole outfit idea or you can make your own.

Black pants, Black shirt, and beige blazer

White shirt, grey trouser, and beige blazer

White shirt, blue jeans, and beige blazer

t-shirt combination

After A shirt. t-shirt is one of the best option to use an blazer. but don’t use oversized beige blazer. usea only fitted blazer. loose clothes showare s you unconfident.

And i am talking about oversized t-shirts. i am talking about suit. now i will show you some color combination with beige blazer. so now lets see.

Black tee, black pant, and beige blazer

Black t-shirt with black pant this is my favourite outfit. and you will gonna like this. if you want wear t-shirt and still want classy. then this is for you.

White tee, white pants, and beige blazer

beige blazer

White tee, black pants, and beige blazer

beige blazer

patterned tee, black jeans, beige blazer

use it when you have a plain blazer and pants. you can use a stripe but that should be navy blue. but plain is much better.

beige blazer

Winter combination

our 3rd outfit combination for the winter season. some items will include hoodies, turtlenecks, etc.

Hoodie, Blue jeans, and beige blazer

A hoodie should be solid. because of pattern or design. because it’s not classy. so choose black, and grey. because these colors are very versatile. and can match most outfits.

Turtelneck, black pant, and beige blazer


these were some ideas. which you can easily copy or make your own by following some rules. these rules are for a classy outfit. even you can wear a patterned t-shirt or a shirt. for casual.

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