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 Eid is a very special day for Muslims. And most of the people wear kurtas on this day. So today I will show you some color combinations and designs. And I will give you a suggestion with an example.

There are a lot of options for kurta pathani kurta, asymmetrical and many more. If you wanted a sturdier look, a pathani suit could be an option. 

But first you have to keep one thing in mind, kurtas are a bit expensive. But if you take a good quality kurta, then it will last for a long time. And this is my advice to you, you should invest a little in kurta feet.

which color is best for kurta

Now let’s talk about Colors. Because color plays an important role in your outfit. so don’t color like that
Choose what doesn’t suit your personality. And one thing, don’t take a kurta with too much design. Always go with sober color and minimal design if you want looks classy 

some color combination 

All the examples you come across in normal kurtas now. And if you want something different then you can experiment with color but remember this stay away from too light or bright clothes. If you want classy kurta go for dark color kurta. But if you want a different kurta then you can go for asymmetrical kurta. that will make you stand out

So these were kurta designs but it doesn’t end there. Pathani suits are also very good. this is some example

All these were my kurta recommendation. But if you do not understand the difference of Pathani suit. Collar and pockets on chest in Pathani suit.

what type of shoes to wear with kurta pajama

So now let’s talk about shoes that it is a confusion which shoes should be wear with kurta. lets make it easy firstly remember  this kurta is a formal outfit so it need a formal shoes also.. 
and when it comes formal shoes you should take monk strap or loafers because its only formal which looks different and make you stand out  in EID  

With monk strap

With loafers

These are my recommendation and if you did not like it or you want a normal formal shoes so take a look

With formal shoes

Ans with this i answered all these question 
  • what footwear to wear with kurta pajama 
  • footwear to wear with kurta pajama
  • shoes to wear with kurta pajama
  • what type of shoes to wear with kurta pajama
  • best shoes for kurta pajama
and this is  last option that i like and you guys are best try yourself and keep doing experiment  

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