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Grey blazer combination | Classy Grey blazer guide

Hey readers! The Grey blazer is a classy piece. Suppose you don’t want to wear a proper suit. Then I will show you some outfits with a grey blazer.

And you have a grey blazer that’s why you are here. And finding some outfits for your occasion.

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Not just I show you. I will talk about shoes and accessories also. So read it deeply and find your outfit style.

Whatever outfits I will show you, you can do them anywhere. Suppose you do not want to wear a full suit at someone’s wedding. Then you must choose from these outfits.

With this, we will talk about some tips that will help in enhancing your style. So let’s start.

1 Shirt And pants combination

We will start with a shirt and pants combination. Why did I include this at the beginning? Because I mostly talk about classy wear. And shirts are first in class.

So I will show you different color ideas so you will not get bored.

White shirt, black trousers, and grey blazer

Black shirt, black pants, and grey blazer

White shirt, blue jeans, and grey blazer

2 T-shirt and pants combination

A T-shirt is the second classy option. I have some ideas for a grey blazer. and don’t use a patterned t-shirt if you want classy. go with a plain t-shirt and plain accessories.

Shoes‘ matching shoes are not a big deal. just Look where you are going and choose your shoes accordingly. and for casual try white sneakers. this will be a great choice. and for some reason, you want to wear formal. so try Chelsea boot that will make you stand out. like you can see above.

polo t-shirts, navy pants, and a grey blazer

polo t-shirts are more classy than normal T-shirts. and with a grey blazer look good. and choose colors like black, navy, and white. that’s a classy choice. I will say again for causal use sneakers. formal can look odd.

grey blazer

T-shirt, navy pants, and grey blazer

this is almost the same outfit just here is a normal t-shirt and white sneakers. you can also pair a Chelsea boot.

grey blazer

3 turtleneck, combination

this is mainly for winters. because who gonna wear a blazer and turtleneck together? chelsea looks fantastic with a turtleneck.

turtleneck and black trousers or formal pants you can also wear black jeans. but try dark jeans not faded.

4 with a trench coat

our final outfit with a trench coat. white or black is good or you can use different colors but try to use neutral colors.

also, put on any formal shoes like loafers or brogues. everyone will look good. but the main point is that the trench coat color should be dark like black, and navy. light color can easily spoil your overall look.


I just show you 4 ways to style a grey blazer. and maybe there is a lot more combined with a grey blazer. and I include some classy ways.

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