How Much Does a Tax Lawyer Cost?

If you’re looking to hire a tax attorney, you may be wondering how much it will cost. After all, taxes are an extremely complicated matter that involves ever-changing laws and tax codes.
Tax attorneys generally charge by the hour or a flat fee. These fees vary depending on the nature of your case and how complicated it is.
Hourly Rate
As is often the case, the cost of hiring a tax attorney depends on several factors. One of these is the hourly rate that a lawyer charges.
A tax attorney can charge anywhere from $200 to $400 or more an hour depending on their experience and reputation. In some cases, they may also charge a flat fee, which varies depending on the complexity of your case.
According to the BLS, tax attorneys earned an average salary of $101,550 in 2022. This figure does not include additional sources of income, such as bonuses and profit-sharing.
The BLS also notes that tax lawyers earn a higher-than-average pay scale because of their extensive knowledge of legal regulations. However, the national average is not representative of the job market or growth rates in specific states and locations.
Flat Fee
When a tax lawyer charges a flat fee, they are charging a single fixed cost for a specific service. This type of payment structure can be helpful for clients who want to know how much they’ll be charged upfront.
However, this type of billing can also be problematic for clients who have a complicated case or need to have their attorney spend more time working on the case. For this reason, most tax attorneys prefer to charge hourly rates.
A good way to determine whether you’re working with the right lawyer is to ask for a free consultation. This will give you a chance to learn more about their background and experience with your specific legal issue. It will also let you get a feel for their personality and style.
Tax Relief Firms
There are a number of tax relief firms that can help you resolve your tax problems. They can negotiate with the IRS on your behalf, file appeals if they are denied by the agency, and even offer services such as tax penalty abatement.

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