Some best budget watches for men By category

Watches playa important role in enhancing the look. And this is one reason why you should invest in watches. But watches are very expensive if you want a good one. So that’s why I brought some budget watches for men.

Which watch should I wear?

Before buying a watch, you have to keep one thing in mind. First you have to think for yourself that for which place you are taking the watch. If you are going to a formal place, then spot watches will not look that good. That’s why you have to take a watch according to your purpose.
So this list is according to different occasion.

Formal watches

TIMEWEAR Analog Two Hands Slim Watch for Men

Sonata Analog Multicolor Dial Men’s Watch-NL7987SL01W

Sonata Essentials Analog Silver Dial Men’s Watch-NN77082SL01W

These were the recommendations of some of my formal watches. And these are all budget friendly options.Also keep in mind the rule of formal watches that you should take black and brown watches if this is your first formal watch. Because of this you can comfortably match with your belt and your formal shoes. And your shoes should be brown or black. 

Spot watches

SKMEI Analogue – Digital Men’s Watch

V2A Green Camouflage Analog Digital Sport Watches

Skmei Army Digital Black Dial Sports Men’s

Slightly Expensive 

TIMEX Analogue Black Dial Men’s Watch


These were some of my recommendations.


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